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What system is right for me?

To determine what HVAC unit works best for your home, it’s important to know what type of heating or cooling system you currently have installed. If you already have a unit installed, then you must determine what size you have or want(See Question Below). If there is nothing installed then you have to determine what will make you comfortable. Do you want individual control of each room? Mini Split units may be the answer. Do you want one control for the entire house? Central AC unit may be the choice. Figuring out comfort, price range, size and accessibility are key questions in determining what unit will work best for you. If you are usure where to even start give us a call and we’ll help you!

What HVAC add-ons do I need?

There is a wide range of add-ons for more comfort. To determine what to add onto your HVAC system you need to know what will put you in comfortable place. Here are the most common add-ons:

Dehumidifier. During humid weather especially here in Texas, the air inside your house can feel hot and stuffy. The dehumidifier can reduce the moisture in the air, giving you a more cool dry feeling.

Ventilator. Without the right exchange of indoor and outdoor air, your home can quickly become stuffy, and you may notice the air becoming stale or smelly. One possible solution is to install a dedicated ventilator to provide the fresh air you need.

Air purifier. Air purifiers filter air to remove any pollutants that the filter in your HVAC system may have missed. Some units can even remove bacteria from the air.

UV lamps. The hidden duct work and drain pan of your home’s HVAC system are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and biological growth. These organisms can affect indoor air quality and lower your system’s efficiency. Adding germicidal UV lamps that kill bacteria and protect your home from harmful organisms can be a simple install that will save you in the future.

What size HVAC system do I need?

To determine what HVAC unit works best for your home, it’s important to know what type of heating or cooling system you currently have installed. If you already have an existing unit, often times there will be a sticker on the outdoor compressor with information about what size unit it is. What matters the most is what size house you have and what your desired temperature range is that you want to maintain throughout. Knowing how many BTUs are required for your home will allow you to make the best decision what size HVAC system you should purchase. If you have questions or doubts, give us a call and we will get you set up!

    Where can you find us?

    Since 2018 we have expanded to different locations and are currently located in Texas Coastal Bend, including Port Aransas, Corpus Christi, Rockport, and Port O'Connor. As well as in San Antonio and surrounding areas.
    Over the years, we have established a solid reputation as a reliable provider of high-quality HVAC services in these regions, so don't hesitate to visit us!

    Customer Satisfaction

    The clients we have had in Highland AC are the best guarantee of our trajectory and the quality of our HVAC services. We have completed projects for all types of clients, from commercial to residential properties.

    I recently replaced my complete AC system!
    I had trouble with my 21 year old system and Highland AC was always there WITHIN THE HOUR when old system was down during the heat of the summer! I live in San Antonio and couldn’t get local companies to come out for 2-3 DAYS!
    I called Highland AC to go ahead and replace the old unit with a much more energy efficient system! The price was very reasonable for the amount of time and work involved! They then called me the next day to answer any questions I might have and to confirm I was happy with the system! I’m not happy....I’M THRILLED WITH IT!
    Thanks Highland AC....I’m much easier to deal with when I’m cool in summer and warm in winter!!!!

    Kay Carnes - San Antonio, TX

    My heater went out on an extremely cold night. I called Highland A/C and heat. Phone was answered gave a few ideas of what to do before he came to the house. Tried the ideas it didn't work called back and had a tech at the house to fix the issue...Yay we have HEAT... Thank you Highland for a quick response to getting my heater up and running ....Very Satisfied customer

    Jeannie Parks - Texas

    This company was great! The came out on time, earlier than expected to be honest and found the issue and had our A/C back in service within minutes!!

    Monica Hamilton- Texas

    Came out and serviced my ac in one day. Thx for quick response.

    Bill Mason- Texas

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    The focus is on providing clients comfort year-round.

    Highland AC's main objective is to provide efficient solutions to our clients to guarantee optimal comfort all year round because we know the importance of having a home or business with a comfortable temperature at all times, regardless of the time of year.


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