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Established in 1976, Highland AC has been dedicated to ensuring homes and commercial properties stay comfortable in south Texas. Our team prioritizes customer satisfaction without resorting to sales pitches. With decades of experience under our belt, we’re seasoned experts in the HVAC industry.

Maintaining your air conditioning system is crucial, leading to cleaner air, reduced utility expenses, and fewer system breakdowns. For nearly 50 years, Highland AC has been a reliable choice for the Rockport community, providing top-notch HVAC services.

We make HVAC system maintenance effortless, focusing on delivering the best services to minimize costs and environmental impact for your family home or commercial property. With our extensive experience and commitment to quality, we ensure your space stays at the ideal temperature.

Catering to both commercial and residential properties in Rockport, whether it’s installations, retrofits, repairs, or seasonal maintenance, count on Highland AC to cover all your HVAC needs.

Your comfort matters, whether it’s at home or your workplace. At our core, we’re committed to delivering an exceptional experience tailored to your specific needs. Our aim is to take care of your AC service while you kick back and enjoy the cool. Some of our standout services include:

From installing new systems to diagnosing issues and providing tune-ups for both cooling and heating, our team is dedicated to ensuring your space remains comfortably temperate. Just relax and leave the HVAC work to us!

Rockport - Where Coastal Beauty Meets Diverse Activities


Beyond our commitment to superior HVAC services, Rockport’s allure lies in its blend of natural beauty and exciting activities:

  • Seaside Charm: Rockport’s picturesque coastline offers breathtaking views and opportunities for relaxation, beachcombing, or engaging in fishing and boating adventures.
  • Wildlife Haven: With its birding hotspots and wildlife sanctuaries, Rockport attracts nature enthusiasts, providing birdwatching opportunities and encounters with diverse flora and fauna.
  • Artistic Flair: Embrace Rockport’s vibrant art scene by exploring local galleries, attending art shows, or participating in cultural events that celebrate the town’s creativity.
  • Outdoor Exploration: Rockport’s surroundings offer diverse outdoor experiences, from kayaking along scenic waterways to hiking trails that unveil the town’s natural beauty.

As you immerse yourself in the wonders of Rockport, Highland AC remains committed to ensuring your home serves as a haven of comfort. Our expertise guarantees that your indoor environment perfectly complements the tranquil beauty and vibrant activities that Rockport offers.

Highland AC: Your Comfort Companion in Rockport


At Highland AC, we understand the importance of relaxation and comfort. We’re here to ensure that your return home is met with a perfectly controlled environment, allowing you to relax and recharge after your city adventures. Our team will cater to your comfort needs, offering a haven where you can truly unwind and rejuvenate.

Let us take care of your home’s HVAC system, so you can focus on creating lasting memories in Rockport. Explore the city, and rest assured that your comfort at home is our priority.

When it comes to dependable HVAC services in Rockport, look no further than our seasoned team. With nearly five decades of expertise, we specialize in delivering top-notch heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions tailored to your needs. From new installations to replacements, repairs, and diagnostics, our comprehensive range of services ensures your home or business stays comfortably cool or warm year-round. Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to customize our approach, providing you with hassle-free AC service while you relax. Count on us for commercial HVAC needs and thorough cooling or heating tune-ups. Experience the difference with our trusted Rockport HVAC company and enjoy unparalleled comfort, backed by our extensive experience and dedication to quality service.

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